The Challenges

In order to maintain a competitive edge in today’s tough business environment, successful companies continue to develop new, high quality products, often while meeting tighter deadlines with smaller staffs. Fluctuating requirements, the occasional need for specialized technical skills, escalating personnel and facilities costs have all created the need for alternative engineering resources.

How will your company address these challenges?

The Solution

Since 1985, Schutz Engineering Corporation has provided a full range of services from concept to finished product. Specializing in new product design, prototype development, testing system integration, and fabrication, we respond quickly and effectively to the unique requirements of clients ranging from large corporations to small, specialty firms.

The Benefits

Schutz Engineering takes a genuine interest in the success of its clients. Associates are selected for projects based upon industry knowledge and the technical expertise necessary to meet your unique requirements. We are committed to delivering high quality, cost effective solutions and will be pleased to help with your engineering needs.

How may we help you succeed?

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