Prototypes are an integral part of the product development process. There are a number of different types, each having its own purpose:

  • Concept Models – to gain feedback and develop the appearance & features of a product idea.
  • Conceptual CAD “Virtual” Models – same as above, but only on a computer screen.
  • Breadboard – for preliminary development and testing of subsystems.
  • Working Prototype or “Proof of Concept” – to make sure the product will work properly.
  • Pre-Production – performs and looks similar to the final production version, but usually made differently – for final testing, client & customer feedback and acceptance.
  • Production Prototypes – limited run to identify manufacturing issues and perform final evaluation.

The nature of the prototypes required depends on the type of product being developed, how new the technology is, available budget and time, product quality required and expected production quantities.

Schutz Engineering Corp. has experience with all types of prototypes and has designed and assembled many of them over the years. We work closely with local machine shops, plastics fabricators, painters, PC Board manufacturers and other suppliers of common parts. We help our clients decide which and how many prototypes are needed and estimate costs in advance.

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